Unified Security


C-Ways provide enterprise security solutions that are open architecture, hardware vendor agnostic solutions that create intelligence out of a security service. Analytics, workflow and real time reporting tools provide our clients with a globalised view of physical security which allows clients to make informed decisions, react quickly and monitor the outcome of decisions.

C-Ways are at the forefront of intelligent IP CCTV and networked solutions. The solutions that we provide help our customers achieve ‘real’ business performance benefits and empower them with reliability, scalability and future proof design that enables powerful growth. We offer end to end solutions for IP CCTV including cameras, codecs, monitoring and storage.

Working closely with the market leaders of IP CCTV, C-Ways design and install value add solutions. Our team of highly trained technical consultants design and install IP CCTV solutions to the highest specification.

As a Value Added Genetec Distributor, C-Ways implement installations ranging from complex surveillance networks, intelligent analytical operations, through to automatic number plate recognition solutions.

IP Access Control

C-Ways has years of experience delivering innovative, reliable and cost effective integrated access control solutions for customers across the UK.

Our services range from stand alone, entry level solutions right through to sophisticated multi-application management systems. This includes a wide selection of controllers, readers, software systems and accessories.

Working closely with our customers, we deliver innovative solutions designed to meet their specific requirements and which have a positive impact on their business – both in terms of increased security and operational efficiency – allowing them to face their actual needs and future challenges.


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