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Seatruck Group were looking to update or replace their analogue CCTV solution. Initially they were looking for an enterprise solution that could deliver high quality images over exceptionally long distances. Other issues requiring resolution include an excessive number of insurance claims relating to damaged vehicles, trailers and containers. These problems could not be resolved using the incumbent analogue system because of poor quality images and an inability to offer any other analytics.


C-Ways installed a Genetec CCTV system along with Security Center the unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify operations. It includes: Security Center empowers an organisation through enhanced situational awareness, and unified command and control. The Security Centre software provides recording protected from network failure or physical damage; uninterrupted video streaming even in cases where Clients lose connection to the server; real time system health monitoring and notifications; and improved redundancy though decentralised recording.

C-ways designed a solution based on Rugged High quality full HD AXIS camera positioned around the entrance and exit to the port to capture full vehicle and driver details as they arrive at the port. As a vehicle approaches the check- in location it is recorded including the driver’s face. The vehicle would then proceed towards the boat, passing through a full vehicle check. Six positioned cameras record all aspects of the vehicle and trailer/container physicals including images of the full sides, top, front and back of vehicle. Should a claim be received alleging damage to a vehicle, the port would have high-quality video of the state of the vehicle on entrance to the port for comparison.


Because the video evidence is so clear Seatrucks are now able to manage claims of damage easily and efficiently significantly reducing the cost of false claims.



Protection against computer-assisted fraud, espionage, sabotage or vandalism. C-Ways offer a full range of products, services and IT security solutions that help our clients define strategy, identify threats and risks and deploy the best technologies for their security objectives.


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