KCOM Stadium


The threat of heavy fines up to £4m from the SKY TV if lighting fails during TV coverage.

New Premier League regulations demanded a higher level of light output with less ‘flicker’ which is shadow/glare free for televised matches

Lighting to enable 4K HD Broadcasting.


Avaya Fabric Network consisting of:

Six VSP 4850GTS-PWR+ switches for lighting panel IP-based controllers using PowerOver Ethernet+ (PoE)

Two ERS 3510GT-PWR+ switches for pitch-side lighting controls


C-Ways has provided a bespoke, highly resilient solution based on fully redundant switches with dual components including cabling and power supplies. The first live test of the new KC Stadium lighting was the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup quarter-final game between Leeds Rhinos and Hull F.C. on 26th June 2015. The network performed flawlessly and has continued to do so ever since.

The Avaya Fabric solution provides simplicity and tolerance of design. If one switch fails, it has a 20 milli-second failover to use additional links over fibre. The Avaya connections between switches form a mesh, with multiple links connecting drivers together around the stadium. There is no break in the chain as it is configured in a star formation topology, providing full tolerance.

The lighting infrastructure can easily be maintained by staff on-site and it is simple and easy to switch out any failed component without impacting performance. The fact that it can be maintained in-house is a huge benefit, as it requires minimal level of expertise.



Award winning, high-performance, open and scalable solutions from C-Ways. We combine world-class products with a global perspective to build nimble networks that deliver a tighter connection with customers and stronger bottom-line results.


“The new, state-of-the-art, energy efficient, LED pitch lighting system for KC Stadium is the first of its kind in the north of England. It delivers the ability to instantly change from one light setting to another. The quality of lighting is vastly improved by the elimination of legacy lighting which is not just a game changer for spectators but also for the future of the modern multi-purpose stadium – a key feature of the operational strategy for our sporting venues.”

Martin Conley – KC Stadium’s IT Manager


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