Ben Gooch

Service Desk Engineer

My interest started with a Commodores and Spectrums back in the ’80s. I was always more interested in how they worked and what you could create than anything else. Spending more time coding than playing games. After returning from University, I went to work for Enline plc, a well respected IT service provider, CA partner and HP hardware specialist. My enthusiasm and interest soon had me supporting and co-developing an in house committee management system for local gov and housing trusts. On the back of this experience , I later grew into a Microsoft infrastructure and network specialist with a passion for problem solving, always willing to help where I could.

Aurionpro acquired Enline in 2012, with the aim to grow the business as part of their growing global IAM business. It was a time of change We went from a relatively small UK business to one spread across the globe| It was a fascinating journey. C-Ways is my next chapter. One where I’m looking to share my experiences and keep up with progress.

I’m one of those people who loves to fix anything, burying myself in complex problems and look for creative solutions to keep things ticking along. Work isn’t everything though. I’m passionate about old cars, retro design, movies, photography, investing, keeping healthy, hiking up big hills and generally being known for never having any money on me!


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